Marble Capital Limited

Asset Management

Marble halal commodities fund

The Marble Halal Commodities Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in Shari’ah-compliant securitized commodities, commodity-linked fixed income instruments and commodity-linked equities listed on  Exchanges licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The primary objective of the fund is to provide investors with….Read more

Marble Ethical Funds

Marble Capital Limited offers various innovative products that provide clients with quality in line with ethical procedures. With our technology and finance expertise, we have designed approaches that lead to maximum returns at the lowest possible volatility. With our vision of being the leading alternative investment manager, Marble Capital comprises of professionals in finance, ethical and Halal funds management, which gives us an edge in the industry.

In addition, our credible experts are always at their best to utilize structural and methodological investment procedures to ensure adequate results while adhering to the specific principles of asset management in ethics and Shari’ah.

Bespoke Funds

With Marble Bespoke Funds, your investment is unique as you!

At Marble Capital, we seek to provide full spectrum of investment solutions to meet bespoke needs of our clients. We clearly articulate the investment needs of our High Net worth clients to provide investment portfolio that suits their specific demand. With detailed analysis, we provide asset and wealth management support and advice to meet all their financial objectives.

Our Bespoke Asset Management service is targeted towards at providing innovative, high-quality and well-structured investment alternatives to ensure wealth growth and thus meet their wealth management needs. This service involves a thorough access of our client’s financial status, consultation, risk analysis and investment demands. We evaluate lifestyle plan, financial objectives and strategize to achieve maximum returns with no compromise for efficiency, timeliness and your principles and beliefs.

ESG Compliant Notes

Marble Capital as an ethical investment house also dedicates its expertise to providing Environmental, Social and Governance notes in compliance with the corporate social responsibility and risk management. The need to enhance the environmental and social funds in the country is at an increasing rate due to the high gap between the available funds and the required amount needed to fulfil the numerous social needs.

At Marble Capital, we aim to access clients’ needs and deliver actionable solutions which are in the best interests of the clients while preserving and enhancing the environment and society through sustainable investing. The fund seeks to invest in projects that help address environmental and social challenges. We invest in Socially Responsible Funds, Green Bonds, Sukuks & Impact Funds. With our team of experienced professionals, we aim to be a leading investment house for the transition to a future where economic growth and sustainability are well aligned.

Investment research

At Marble Capital Limited, we provide our esteemed clients (individual, public and private organisations, and government) with comprehensive, innovative ethical investment research in Nigeria and globally. We help clients navigate the fast-growing investment world of today by providing distinct guide in line with ethical policies for progressive growth in their businesses and investment.

Our investment research team carry out and deliver high-quality, independent research and strategic analysis to guide in ethical investment decision making. We are confident about our ethical investment recommendations because they are derived from comprehensive and analytical study of the industry, company, and other necessary factors of the relevant sector comparing both local and global factors.