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Marble Halal Funds


The Marble Halal Commodities Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in Shari’ah-compliant securitized commodities, commodity-linked fixed income instruments and commodity-linked equities listed on  Exchanges licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The primary objective of the fund is to provide investors with portfolio diversification and capital appreciation by taking advantage of the various offerings of the Nigerian commodity space.

Investors who seek investment options that align with their beliefs and ethical standards have found commodities to be a viable alternative investment over the years. Our Shariah Advisory experts have conducted a thorough screening of the Fund, which has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The returns of The Fund will depend solely on market conditions.

MARBLE HALAL fixed income FUND

The Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended mutual fund designed to provide investors with a unique opportunity to invest in Shari’ah-compliant fixed income instruments. This investment avenue is tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of investors, particularly those with a conservative risk appetite who seek relative safety in their investments.

The primary objective of the Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund is to offer investors a reliable income stream. This is achieved by strategically investing in diverse halal fixed income instruments, including sukuk (Shariah-compliant bonds) and other debt instruments, as well as Shariah-compliant fixed-term investments and contracts. To ensure that the fund adheres to Islamic principles, all investments must meet specific criteria for compliance, and our fund meticulously meets these criteria, ensuring full compliance and recognition as Halal.