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Environmental Social Governance

In recent years, the awareness of the Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESG) has received tremendous recognition from Stakeholders in the business world with increased demand for the incorporation and implementation of the ESG factors into business activities. The world is now conscious of the effect of Environmental negligence, prominent of which is the climate change as well as the impact of Social and Governance factors, such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Community Inclusion, Stakeholders’ Engagement, Board Remuneration, Independent Board Member, Internal Control amongst others, on businesses if not adequately managed. It is important for organizations to incorporate the practice of ESG in their business activities through the engagement of external ESG advisers, regular ESG audits and Capacity building sessions to ensure that their operations and staff are ESG compliant, thereby positioning them to be make attractive to investors.

Marble Capital Limited is dedicated to assisting organisations integrate the ESG framework in the core values of operation through its vast array of ESG services tailored to suit specific business needs as they may apply to the various industries. Our main objective is to ensure the integration of ESG for various purposes including compliance, profitability, risk mitigation, brand reputation, amongst others. We aim to ensure that the business environment becomes and remains sustainable for all, which necessitated our membership of the International Society of Sustainable Professionals (ISSP).

Kickstart and maintain your ESG journey with Marble Capital today, and watch your organization climb the ESG ladder effortlessly, and better position itself in a more attractive manner for investors.

Our ESG services include:

ESG Advisory Services

Marble Capital partners with clients to understand and advise on their sustainability strategies and support the shift to a more climate resilient, lower carbon and sustainable, socially inclusive economy. 

There is an increasing need for companies to actively aligning their business objectives, target, strategies, and practices; and with our expertise, you are assured of receiving a comprehensive ESG outline to better position your business.

The ESG strategy of the business including, tracking credentials, disclosures and inputting records to inform decision-making are examined and revised to meet the appropriate standards both nationally and internationally while ensuring alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ESG Audit services

An audit is an evaluation of how work processes are regulated within an organization. An assessment is a method of gathering information by evaluating the answers to formulated questions.

At Marble Capital, our ESG team is equipped to provide audit and survey services to ensure that the organization is compliant with the applicable ESG regulations. Several bodies/regulators such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) etc. now demand for Sustainability reporting by organizations, these reports need to be brief, accurate, robust, and independent.
Marble Capital, after a thorough investigation and inspection, offers a perfectly tailored Audit and Assurance report that suits your organization’s objectives. We also provide external independent audit services including the review of the Sustainability and assurance report.

Capacity Building

Navigating the constantly evolving fields of ESG research, trends, best practices, policies, and reporting frameworks is made seamless with our ESG seminars and workshops.

Our sessions cover topics spread across the Environmental, Social and Governance factors, and can be further designed to be bespoke to suit your organization’s needs. We have over the years facilitated several general and bespoke trainings and established a niche for ourselves in the industry as a leading ESG service provider.