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Marble Halal Commodities Fund (MHCF): Offer Price : ₦122.444 - Bid Price: ₦121.740, Day to Day : -0.01% Marble Halal Fixed Income Fund (MHFIF): Offer Price : ₦107.041 - Bid Price: ₦107.041, Day to Day : 0.04% - Marble Alpha Portfolio: Day to Day : 0.02% , YTD : -3.03%, Daily Closing Price : ₦142.677 - Marble Beta Portfolio: Day to Day : 0.01% , YTD : 10.57%, Daily Closing Price : ₦140.972 - Marble Gamma Portfolio: Day to Day : 0.01% , YTD : 23.16%, Daily Closing Price : ₦152.246

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About Us

Marble Capital Limited is a leading ethical and Shari'ah Compliant Fund Manager in Nigeria: started business in 2020. Marble Capital aims to tap into the crystal of business opportunities offered by the Islamic finance market. The company also advises clients in the Green, Ethical, and Sustainable Investment realm. We are duly licensed and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). Read More...

Our Vision

To be the leading ethical fund manager in Africa.

Our Mission

Providing optimal investment returns to our clients investment without compromising their convictions.

Our Values

Respect, Excellence, Confidentiality, Integrity, Teamwork, Ethics.

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