Marble Capital Limited

Marble Gamma Portfolio

This portfolio is a low-risk investment portfolio that prioritizes preserving the investors’ capital with the least amount of risk. The gamma portfolio is for investors with low risk tolerance.

Marble Gamma portfolio aims to achieve capital preservation by investing a minimum of 60% of the portfolio in quality fixed income instruments and a maximum of 40% of the portfolio in listed commodities and equities.

These commodities include Soybean, Sorghum, Maize and Paddy rice which are all Shariah Compliant and gives high returns. The Equities in these portfolios are Shariah Compliant which enhances capital preservation and the fixed income instrument which includes Sukuks and Commercial papers gives an opportunity to invest in minimal risk investments.

Risk Profile: Conservative

Composition: Commodities – up to 20%, Equities – up to 20%, Fixed Income – up to 60%
Benefits and features