Marble Capital Limited

Marble Capital Limited Marks Third Anniversary with a Legacy of Ethical Finance and Pioneering Investments

Marble Capital Limited proudly celebrates its third anniversary, marking a triumphant journey characterized by innovation, responsible finance, and a commitment to ethical investment practices. This significant milestone prompts reflection on the company’s substantial impact within the field of ethical finance and investment.

From its inception, Marble Capital has been guided by a visionary commitment to providing innovative, responsible, and sustainable and shari’ah compliant investment opportunities. The company has successfully navigated the intricacies of Shari’ah finance, ensuring that its offerings not only adhere to ethical principles but also deliver competitive returns that align with the conscientious needs of its diverse client base.

A standout achievement over the past three years has been the introduction of the first Sharia-compliant commodities fund in Nigeria. This groundbreaking initiative underscores Marble Capital’s dedication to ethical finance and its position as a trailblazer in the market. The impact of this fund has reverberated across the industry, creating new avenues and opportunities for investors. Additionally, Marble Capital took pride in serving as advisers on the inaugural corporate green sukuk on the continent, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable finance practices.

The launch of the halal fixed income fund marked another significant milestone, receiving recognition and success within the industry. Marble Capital’s excellence was duly acknowledged with the prestigious BAFI Award, an honor bestowed upon the company as the best Islamic Asset Manager in Nigeria not once but twice. These accolades underscore the unwavering dedication and expertise of the Marble Capital team.

Expressing gratitude, Akeem Oyewale, the CEO of Marble Capital Limited, acknowledged the pivotal role played by the dedicated team, clients, regulators, and all stakeholders who have been integral to the company’s success. The CEO emphasized that the achievements of Marble Capital are a collective result of the support and trust vested in the company.

As Marble Capital looks ahead, the commitment to its mission remains steadfast. The company pledges to continue innovating, pushing boundaries, and creating investment opportunities that not only meet the needs of its clients but also contribute positively to society. The journey of the past three years has been both fascinating and impactful, and Marble Capital is confident that the best is yet to come.

In closing, Marble Capital Limited extends sincere appreciation to everyone who has been part of this incredible three-year journey. The company eagerly anticipates the future, filled with opportunities to make a lasting and positive impact in the world of ethical and Islamic finance.